10 weeks of vacation


In exactly 10 days my two eldest girls are going back to school. After spending almost every minute together for the last 10 weeks, we will now be apart 6 1/2 hours, five days a week. Them and I.

I would be lying, if I said, that I haven’t longed for this day to come.


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I am your sun and moon

In the middle of your nap, you used to call me. Not that you could say any words or knew my name, after all you were only a few months old. But your small complaining sounds told me that you needed me.

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Inspiring Women // a conversation with Lindsay Meyer-Harley


When Lindsay Meyer-Harley, a 34-year-old mother of two and owner of baby and mama online retail space Darling Clementine, realized the consequences of Trump winning the election, she decided that she couldn’t just pace the hallway of her home frustrated. She had to do something. She came up with the idea for the online charity auction Still We Rise, which is right now running for the second time around. Items are donated by artists, shops and brands, people bid through Instagram and the entire amount goes directly to the two causes Lindsay has chosen to work with this time around, Planned Parenthood and NRDC.

It’s finally time for another Inspiring Women conversations.

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Being a mother of 3


  I write these words with one hand. My other arm is wrapped around the warm and soft body of a tiny baby who for the 7th time today is nursing  herself to sleep. Though I’ve been here twice before, with a newborn on my arm and yet another cold cup of coffee on the table, I had forgotten that nursing is a full time job, that it hurts more than anything, and that it’s also the coziest thing in the world.

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What to pack for the hospital when giving birth


Although I still have a bit of time left before my due date, the other night I felt a large number of Braxton Hicks contractions. With my first two children being late, I’ve never really considered a baby arriving early a realistic option, but suddenly I realized that I’m not at all ready to leave for the hospital. So the following day was all about getting that hospital bag packed and ready for a possible departure.

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