Things I want to remember about being a mother to an infant

A list of all the little things I want to remember about becoming a mother to you, my tiny child, my sleepyhead, my calm in the chaos, my two months old, my little baby Evelyn.

– The scent at the back of your baby neck.

– How you always rub your hairy little head against my cheek when I’m holding you close.

– How you stop crying the minute you are in my arms.

– Your smile, that starts on one side of your mouth, moves to the other and ends up as a wink of one eye.

– How even the smallest clothes were way too big for you just two months ago and how now they don’t fit you anymore.

– Your little hamster cheeks that seem to be growing every day and how I feel like squeezing them all the time.

– How I cried when the doctor at the hospital told me that you had to spend your third night away from me (and how much better I felt when I saw how you loved laying in that warm and cozy light box).

– Your little hand that always wraps around my finger when I’m nursing you.

– Your first babbling sounds that are still so calm and gentle.

– How you fall asleep in the same room as your sisters every night, and how full my heart feels when I see all three of you laying there side by side.

– How you always fall asleep when your daddy is carrying you around.

– The warmth of your milky breath when you once again fall asleep on my stomach.

– The little smiles you make when you’re asleep.

– How you like to be warm and tuck yourself close to me and fall asleep when you’re done eating.

Being a mother of 3


  I write these words with one hand. My other arm is wrapped around the warm and soft body of a tiny baby who for the 7th time today is nursing  herself to sleep. Though I’ve been here twice before, with a newborn on my arm and yet another cold cup of coffee on the table, I had forgotten that nursing is a full time job, that it hurts more than anything, and that it’s also the coziest thing in the world.

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What to pack for the hospital when giving birth


Although I still have a bit of time left before my due date, the other night I felt a large number of Braxton Hicks contractions. With my first two children being late, I’ve never really considered a baby arriving early a realistic option, but suddenly I realized that I’m not at all ready to leave for the hospital. So the following day was all about getting that hospital bag packed and ready for a possible departure.

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Preserving memories

Before Giving birth to my first daughter, I imagined myself as the very organized type of mother who would write down every new milestone, fill out baby journals and preserving all those little steps and memories that together would form my daughters childhood. Turns out I’m not.

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Wrapping paper DIY


For the last few years we have made our own Christmas wrapping paper, and because of all the lovely comments and emails I received after posting this picture of our potato printed wrapping paper diy session on Sunday, I decided to do a very quick wrapping paper DIY.

It’s easy, doesn’t require a lot of equipment and is a great way to pass a bit of time on those long last days before Christmas.

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On baby names and knowing (or not knowing) what to name your baby


When I was a child, I wanted my name to be something else. Something more adventures, something that would make you think of girls who lived in forests, who could speak to animals and who were never afraid of the dark. For a while I thought of myself as Tusnelda (a rather weird and quirky danish girls name), but throughout my teenage years, I settled with the name my parents had chosen for me. I’m named after my father’s grandmother, and even though I never met her, that seemed to make sense to me.

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Inspiring women // a conversation with Laura P Short

Because Instagram is so much more than pretty pictures and because to me there’s nothing more inspiring than connecting with other women and mothers who live very different lives in far away places, I decided to try and get to know some of them a little bit better. The result is a series of interviews with some of the women and mothers on Instagram who inspire me the most. Who dare to take chances, do what they love and not be afraid to stand by it. First up is Laura.   →


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