Dreaming of…hibernating


After a week of frozen streets, arctic winds and temperatures so low that I’m sure my feet are left with permanent damage, followed by a Friday with rain and an ill and teething baby, all I want to do is stay inside and spend as much time as possible on the couch hibernating under a blanket with my littlest one. And I wouldn’t mind these things to keep me warm and cozy.

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What we wear, watch, play, eat, dream about and listen to right now


After 10 days of vacation and an extra day off because of a huge snow fall in New York, we’re finally getting back to our everyday routines. Though I love spending time with all of my three daughters at the same time, I also enjoy getting back to normal with a bit more time to write and work. That being said, sitting down in front of a computer with an almost one year old seem like a bit of a struggle. But we find our own ways and she loves to make a mess around the apartment and empty out every closet we have while I try just to write a single sentence or two at the time.

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Best 9 of 2017

With a new year, a progressive new way of eating, a baby who is way too soon turning 1 and a few new projects in the making I’m pretty busy looking ahead these days. But in the midst of it all, and as a short break in my attempt to get rid of all things christmassy and restore our apartment to its normal state, I decided to take a quick look back with my Best 9 of 2017 from my Instagram. 9 little moments that all meant the world to me in the year gone by.

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About time, a new project and something I really dislike

It’s been quiet on the blog for the last few weeks. Not because I didn’t have anything to say or nothing to write about. I have written several blog posts in my mind when I’ve been running around from one thing to the other, they just never made it further than my thoughts. Life with three daughters can be pretty busy, and doesn’t leave much time for sitting in front of my computer.

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Slow Sundays and organic outfits



I like my Sunday mornings to be long and slow. With simple luxuries like a well made cup of coffee, a perfectly boiled egg, a warm and cozy sweater in the softest wool, a blank page in my notebook and a newly sharpened pencil or a well written article in my favorite magazine or newspaper. Not the electronic version, but the kind that is printed on paper and allows you to hold it in your hand.

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The last fall picnic


I had promised them one last fall picnic before saying our goodbyes to my favorite season and hello to a cold and quiet winter. One last outing to the park, eating treats on a blanket, playing in the fallen leaves, going to the playground and staying out until bedtime.

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Our Christmas calendar of good moments


December always takes me by surprise. So often have I found myself on the night of the 30th of November with no preparations done, and two little girls laying sleeping in their beds, expecting to wake up to some kind of Christmas calendar.

In exactly 14 days the calendar will say December. In New York, no-one really talks about or decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving has passed, and even though I love not having to look at Christmas decorations, Santa Clauses or eat Christmas food before we actually enter December, I also know that it will end up putting extra stress on those all ready busy December days.

So this year, I’m going to start preparing for our  Christmas Calendar of Good Moments a little earlier, and since I always have so many comments about it,  I wanted to share it with you as well.

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One last goodbye to October


It feels like October flew by without me hardly noticing it. Maybe it was because the weather in New York felt more like a perfect Scandinavian summer day than anything that even resembled fall, maybe because the leaves just started changing colors last week or maybe it is simply because my mind has been occupied with other things, more important things, and prevented me from noticing all the small things I normally love so much about October.

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Creating a Halloween costume


We moved to New York on the night before Halloween, from a country who, at that time, didn’t celebrate Halloween with more than a single pumpkin in the window. In the beginning I stuck to my resilient thoughts and chose to see this special American holiday as yet another commercial day made special by the retail industry in another attempt to make more money. But then I participated in the amazing celebrations

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togetherness & organic modeling clay


There are things that I love doing with my daughters ( like going on a picnic on a beautiful fall day), things that I’ll do, because I know it makes them happy ( like going to the cinema to see Smurfs or My Little Pony) and things that I really hate and would do almost anything to get out of ( Like playing with Barbie).

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