Autumn wardrobe for kids

autumn_wardrobe_for_kids_little_kin_journal_1· My version of a comfortable and practical autumn wardrobe for kids ·

Yesterday both my girls started school after a long and wonderful summer holiday, and even though temperatures are still high, we are slowly getting our minds set on autumn. The first yellow leaves have already started falling on our street, and before we know it summer will officially be over.

It’s not even 2 weeks ago that we returned from 2 month of traveling, which of course meant a lot of unpacking. Both my children has grown a lot over the summer, so instead of just putting their clothes back in their closet, I used the opportunity  to go through their wardrobe, get rid of a lot of stuff and do a bit of updating to a cozy autumn wardrobe.

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The soundtrack of our daughters childhood

The soundtrack_of_my_daughters_childhood_music_1b

· A list of songs I wish to become the soundtrack of our daughters childhood ·

I grew up in a house full of music. I remember weekend mornings with The Beatles or Mozart playing in the background while my parents read the paper and I was eating buns with strawberry jam. I remember concerts for kids, rock concerts (where my parents brought us kids along), symphony concerts and operas. I took piano and singing lessons and joined a choir, and though I stopped taking classes when I reached my late teenage years I never lost my love for all kinds of music.  →

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Rudolph Tegners Museum


· About a lovely visit to the small but amazing Rudolph Tegners Museum and a short list of other Danish museums that my girls really like ·

For the past couple of weeks the summer in Denmark has felt more like a cold, grey Scandinavian autumn. So we have tried to keep busy with other things since the weather isn’t very beach friendly.

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Vacation catch up


· A small  Vacation catch up from our first month in Denmark ·

It’s exactly a month ago that we arrived in Denmark for our long summer vacation, and since then the days have been spent catching up with family and friends. We have been horseback riding, digging up potatoes, had lots of picnics, gone swimming in the sea, been playing at a lot of amazing playgrounds, gone on a farmhouse vacation, visited an old museum city, had lots of ice-cream, stayed up late and slept in, celebrated my youngest’s 4th birthday, barbecued plenty of sausages and enjoyed the Danish country side.

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Summer sale


· A selection of my favorite summer sale finds ·

Just as we’re getting into the habit of really enjoying the warm summer evenings and have started looking forward to spending a long summer vacation in Denmark, running around in nothing else than relaxing summer dresses and soft sandals, the summer sale has begun. And since I still haven’t gotten around to updating my daughters summer wardrobe, I have been through some of my favorite children’s shops and found a little selection of great items, that can both be used now and in many seasons to come.

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Quiet Sunday’s and cozy clothes


· About flower masks and some lovely cosy clothes ·

Last Sunday we planned a family excursion for the whole day. But then life happened and for different reasons I found myself with a head full of thoughts. I know better than trying to do too much with two kids and a half-distracted mother, so a quick change of plans was necessary.

We decided to put some of the flowers we had bought on sale the day before to good use, and make flower masks.

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Skipping school


· A short text about why skipping school can sometimes be okay ·

Today I let my 1st grader skip school. Not that she was feeling sick, had thrown up at night or had bumped her head. She just didn’t feel like going, which is really rare for her because she loves school.

I guess it was just one of those mornings.

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10 children’s trends I believe in



• A roundup of 10 children’s trends I believe in now (and in years to come) • 

A few weeks back I posted a small list of some current trends in children’s fashion that I personally believe in, on Enfants Terribles Mag’s blog. Having the title as their Trend Editor, a bi-annual trend report seemed to make sense. But the truth is, that I  much prefer to talk about further-reaching  trends and ways we can make the children’s consumer market into a more thoughtful, longer living and more sustainable one. And still be able to buy new things and have kids who look adorable of course.


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How becoming a mother has changed me – part II

• A little list of how becoming a mother has changed me •
A lot of noteworthy days have passed by while I’ve been absent here on the blog. My eldest turned seven, my youngest got accepted to pre-school and motherhood was celebrated on Mother’s Day.
It seems as if motherhood has the ability to constantly turn my life upside down. Just as I feel like something is working, routines are found and our everyday life is on a roll, a new thing, a change in personality, a wobbly tooth or a sick child can make it all change once again. A year ago, when I just started doing this blog, I wrote a list on how becoming a mother has changed me (you can read it right here), and during the last few months, I have been collecting a few more things that I wanted to add to the list. So here you go, a second part to my list on how becoming a mother has changed me.

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