Slow Sundays and organic outfits



I like my Sunday mornings to be long and slow. With simple luxuries like a well made cup of coffee, a perfectly boiled egg, a warm and cozy sweater in the softest wool, a blank page in my notebook and a newly sharpened pencil or a well written article in my favorite magazine or newspaper. Not the electronic version, but the kind that is printed on paper and allows you to hold it in your hand.

My daughters are just like me. They like their Sunday mornings to be so long and so slow that we sometimes reach the afternoon before any of us even consider getting dressed, leave the house, and meet the world that is waiting for us on the other side of our front door.

They might get restless and that’s okay. If they do, we will go out. But most of the time, they end up getting involved in their own little projects, or we do things together, while we enjoy not having to be anywhere at any specific time of day.

We wear our coziest clothes, and just like with my eggs, my coffee and my milk, I prefer them to be simple and made of the best organic materials. Nothing itchy, scratchy or too tight. Just comfortable and warm, and with no damaging chemicals. The same goes for the kids. They just want to be as cozy and comfortable as possible and right now, this is their favorite Sunday outfit. To be honest, it has been for years, because they’ve all had variations of this same stripy outfits from Serendipity Organics since they were newborn.


Those soft stripes have over the years become part of our  slow Sundays. We listen to music, read books, watch a film and ignore the fact that our house needs a cleaning, the laundry needs to be done, that my 11-months-old is throwing food everywhere and that the sun is shining outside. Sunday is our day, our cozy day, the day where we allow everything to slow down, where we don’t let anyone or anything dictate how we spend our time. As long as my daughters are happy, I get to drink a second cup of coffee and we don’t have to care about getting dressed in school clothes or itchy tights, in my mind it’s a day well spent.

And who cares, if we let our Sunday morning last all day. We all know, that the world outside our front door will still be there tomorrow.

Evelyn is wearing baby leggings and baby tee, Alma is wearing slim tee and leggings and Eleanor is wearing my lama hand knit sweater.

This post is made in collaboration with Serendipity Organics. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Little Kin Journal.

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