Pretty dresses and princess dreams


Like most other young girls, my daughters love to dress up in pretty dresses. And, like so many other mothers that I know, I really don’t like all the synthetic and uncomfortable princess dresses that most girls (mine included) have a good selection of hanging in their wardrobe. Both my daughters love to put them on, but after just a few minutes they’ll get so annoyed with them itching and scratching their skin, that they’ll want them off.
When we moved to New York I decided to leave all the synthetic princess dresses behind, and let the girls have two new pretty dresses instead, but this time we would go for the well made and comfortable kind, that would actually end up being used more than just a few minutes a month.
A few days before we left for our summer vacation in Denmark, a package arrived from the American brand Flora and Henri. Flora and Henri is one of my favourite brands (I have spent way to many hours looking at their inspiring Pinterest page) and obviously I’m not the only one who has fallen in love with the classic kidswear and womenswear. When Gwyneth Paltrow selected which brands should join her at the Goop Pop up-shop in Chicago a few month back, Flora and Henri was amongst the exclusive crowd.
When we decided which dresses to go for, it turned out, Eleanor would rather go for a vintage inspired wrap dress (she’s kind of over her princess stage) while Alma fell in love with a peach and white hand embroidered beauty, which because it’s a fully lined skirt, gives the maximum joy of a twirl.
Hand embroidered cotton and lined skirts aren’t cheap, but after being part of my daughters wardrobe for less than 2 weeks, the new pretty dresses have already been used more than any of our princess dresses ever have, and when Eleanor asked if we could take some pictures wearing them in front of a flower wall she was planning to make, I saw a good opportunity to tell you all a bit about our new investments.

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