Inspiring women // a conversation with Laura P Short

Because Instagram is so much more than pretty pictures and because to me there’s nothing more inspiring than connecting with other women and mothers who live very different lives in far away places, I decided to try and get to know some of them a little bit better. The result is a series of interviews with some of the women and mothers on Instagram who inspire me the most. Who dare to take chances, do what they love and not be afraid to stand by it. First up is Laura.   →



32-year-old Laura Short (check out her beautiful Instagram feed  @laurapshort) lives in a town called Alkmaar near Amsterdam. She works as a translator, freelance stylist and photographer and spends most of her time with her youngest son Nils who turns one in January. Her and her husband Christopher Short who’s originally from England, also have five-year-old Magnus and together they’re getting ready to move to Sweden, where they dream about owning a real Pippi Longstocking house though in muted colors and their own little boat. Simple but beautiful, Just like the pictures on Laura’s beautiful Instagram feed, which I’ve been in love with since the first time I saw one of her amazing flower photos.   →

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What are your biggest interests?

– It might sound silly but my main interest is my children. After that, flowers, photography, literature, film, fashion and interior design.

What is your main creative outlet?

– At the moment, I have to say it is Instagram because it’s quick and easy to use. It allows me to be my own creative director, although I do not think of it as seriously as that, obviously! I also love pressing flowers and photographing them and I’m in the process of starting up my own business as a freelance photographer and stylist. I have recently turned my pictures into art paper prints because of the huge interest from people around me.   →


How do you combine being creative with being a mother?

– I try to have at least 30 minutes to myself every day to do something creative. Sometimes it means involving my kids, and luckily for me Magnus doesn’t mind helping. In fact, I like to think he really enjoys it.

What is the biggest challenge in you everyday life?

– Finishing the jobs that I started. I will start doing the laundry but then my youngest wakes up and I really wish I had more hours in the day to finish what appears to be simple short tasks.   →

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How do you prefer to spend a family sunday?

– On Sundays we always go out for walks followed by a nice lunch. In the afternoon whilst Nils sleeps, Christopher and Magnus play Lego or watch a film and that gives me a little bit of time to finish any jobs that did not get done or do something for myself. We also always have a long bath in the evening and talk about what we have done over the weekend.

What do you dream about doing?

– I would love to be an established photographer, shooting kids’ portraits or landscapes. Or a singer haha, but that ship has sailed I’m afraid…

What is the best parenting advice you have ever been given?

– Enjoy every moment, age or phase your children are going through. Some stages can be quite tedious like the the nightly feeds around the clock but when you look back, you wish you were holding that little baby in your arms once more. Therefor I try to enjoy every moment knowing it will not be long before they are teenagers.   →


What’s your philosophy of life?

– Spend the time you have doing things you love, and take energy from that. There are many worries, distractions and troubles in our everyday life but I try to focus all my attention on the things that matter the most.

Who is your biggest role model?

I actually really admire my mother for she is such a giving, warm person and is liked and loved by most. I also really love strong female pioneers like Margaret Howell and Agnes Martin. Any woman who is not afraid to be herself is my role model.


How has becoming a mother changed you?

– I have become more confident. Many of the things I used to think mattered the most does not really matter anymore at all. Everything else falls away when you have a tight knit family of your own. And I love being in my family bubble. I also feel empowered to have carried and given birth to two babies. I think that is my best accomplishment as basic as it may sound.   →



– Who inspires you?

I get inspired by anyone who actively creates their own way and follows their own heart. Whether they are painters, singers, writers or knitters, I really love a passionate person. I love the work of Line Sander Johansen, Tina Seidenfaden Busck, Ana Kras, Micheal Anastassiades, Rene Redzeppi, Nathan Kinfolk and Ida Laerke.   →


What are your thoughts on kids clothes and dressing children?

– I believe in sustainability and a classic yet playful look. I am not a big fan of children who look like young adults and harsh colours. I believe clothes for children should be soft, comfortable to play in and of good quality. I love silk and alapca wool for it is light to wear but warm in the cold months of Autumn and Winter. For Summer, I really love lightweight cotton and linen.

What is your favorite children’s brands?

– There are many but I will name a few that I absolutely love: Bonpoint, Bonton, Pierrot La Lune, Christina Rohde, Minimalisma, Waddler, Engel, Selana, Disana, Caramel and new brands like Millk and Septembers.   →


What do you do when you finally have an hour on your own?

– I usually make or buy good coffee, have a little something on the side (at the moment I seem to have a sweet tooth!) and read a book or magazine. I try to spend as little time on my phone as possible so I make a point of leaving it behind. I also like seeing my friends so if they are free, I love chatting to them.



Should you be interested in purchasing one of Laura’s beautiful photos as a print, don’t hesitate to write her on I know I can’t wait to hang one of her flower prints on my wall.

All photos by @laurapshort



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    you both have beautiful accounts and I love you inspirational women series. Looking forward to reading more in the fure.

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