Dreaming of…hibernating


After a week of frozen streets, arctic winds and temperatures so low that I’m sure my feet are left with permanent damage, followed by a Friday with rain and an ill and teething baby, all I want to do is stay inside and spend as much time as possible on the couch hibernating under a blanket with my littlest one. And I wouldn’t mind these things to keep me warm and cozy.


Soft and lose PJ pants // Comfy PJ shirt // The warmest woolen blanket // The best baby moccasins // My favorite tea // Pretty candles // Warm socks (because I hate having cold feet) // Drip coffee maker


Baby Playsuit in organic cotton // Pretty pillow from a favorite Danish brand // Chunky knit // Pretty mug for my hot drink // This T-shirt (just because) // Scented candle in pretty jar // The most comfortable indoor shoes I’ve ever worn, in a color that fits my mood






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  1. Dora January 13, 2018

    uhhhhh, need to get my hands on that PJ! (and probably that scented candle as well)
    hugs Dora


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