Denim clothes for kids

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My children love to dress up in pretty dresses, twirl around and look like princesses… But what they love even more is to run around in comfortable clothes that can withstand anything from rolling around on grass and climbing rocks to melting chocolate ice cream stains. Eleanor’s favorite go to outfit is her denim jumpsuit. After she got it, I realized what a perfect material denim is for kid’s clothes.

Which is why I have been on the lookout for the best denim clothes for kids:

1. shirt / Wolf and Rita 2. Apron / Odette Williams 3. Dress / Motoreta 4. Dungarees / Zara 5. Sunhat / Little Creative Factory 6. Overalls / Mabo Kids 7. Blouse / Wolf and Rita 8. Ruffle bloomers / Emile and Ida 9. Pants / Wolf and Rita 10. Bear rattle / Polka Dot Club 11. Shorts with belt / Little Creative Factory

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