Woolly winter wardrobe

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Yesterday felt like a spring day in May. I walked around wearing nothing but a jumper and regretted that I had packed away my sandals last week. With blue sky and a sun that warmed up my daughters cheeks and hands and made her not want to go home from the playground before the hunger finally kicked in, I find it hard to believe, that winter is just around the corner. But remembering back on last winters snowstorms and days with extreme temperatures, I know it is just in my mind, that these beautiful autumn days will last forever. Last year the winter took me by surprise. Having lived in a nordic country my whole life I thought, I knew, what a real winter day feels like, but it turned out I didn’t.

This year I have decided to be prepared, at least when it comes to my children and so I have started to pile up on anything warm and made out of wool for the girl’s woolly winter wardrobe.

Here are some of my favorite items for a warm and woolly winter wardrobe :

1. Sweater + scarf + vest / Nieva  2. Scarf / Misha and Puff  3. Merino jacket / Disana  4. Vest / Nieva  5. Pants / Nieva  6. Knitted dress / Poppy Rose  7. Spencer dress / Waddler  8. String hat / Esencia  9. Pop-corn sweater / Shirley Bredal  10. Mittens / Misha and Puff

11. Hat / Shirley Bredal 12. Cardigan / Pierrot La Lune  13. Animal hoodie / Waddler  14. Pants / Oeuf NYC  15. Sweater / Esencia  16. Neck warmer / FUB  17. Dress / Waddler 18. Dungarees / Disana  19. Jacket / Engel


  1. Aino November 18, 2015

    such beautiful photography! thank you for including nieva <3

  2. Shirley Bredal December 24, 2015

    just saw this. So lovely! thank you for showing our bubble pieces. Merry Christmas

    • kh@kathrinehoue.com December 28, 2015

      Your welcome Shirley. Love your designs!


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