What we love right now


• A small list of all the things we love right now • 

Slow mornings, a hot cup of coffee and a walk through our neighborhood. It’s all the small things coming together. Not that I couldn’t make a list of all the things I hate right now, but I try and focus on the positive side. That’s why making list of all the things we love right now, always gets me in a good mood.

Calm mornings with time for reading books and listening to music. Not that it happens every day, but when does, I really like it.

David Bowie. My number one icon when I was a youth, and still one of my all time favorites. I can’t wait for my girls to be old enough to start listening to his music. Right now Taylor Swift is on repeat.

Winter days, because watching these winter months slowly pass by, means that we’re getting one step closer to spring.

Reading books. Since New York is really cold in the winter time, we don’t spend nearly as much time outside as we normally do. That means having lots of time to read through stacks of books. I’m working on a post with our ten favorite books right now… stay tuned.

Hot coffee. We’ve been through a few different ways of making it, but the old and slow version with an Italian espresso maker on our old gas stove is still our favorite. It takes time, but it makes you enjoy every cup so much more.


New York architecture. The big white buildings with fire escapes on the outside and the brownstone houses in our neighborhood. I still love that most buildings and areas are so different from Denmark, and living in a brownstone house and sitting on the stoop out front is still part of my living-in-New York-dream (and we do really sit on it quiet a lot).

The skyline view from our kids room. At winter time, when all leaves have fallen off the trees, we can see the top of the Manhattan skyline from the children’s room. Before bedtime, Alma likes to go and take a look at the many lights on the Freedom Tower and every time she’ll yell out, look it’s Manhattan, and I’ll remember where we are.

Part time pre-school. Now that we only have seven more month to go before Alma starts full time school and will be gone from 8:30 until 2:45 every day, I have really started to appreciate the full days we still have left together.


messy hair. With two longhaired girls who both hate having their hair brushed, I have learned to love the messy look.

L.A. in February. No need for an explanation, except from the fact that we’re staying in a beautiful little minimalistic wooden house in Topanga canyon. I can’t wait.

Wrapping ourselves in wool. Socks, blankets, sweaters, you name it. When it’s this cold outside the only thing that will really keep you warm is wool.


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