Urban gardening with kids


• A bit about growing up in a metropole and my love for urban gardening with kids • 

I want my children to grow up with hands that are dirty from digging in the soil. I want them to know how a tiny seed can grow into a flower or how a plant can grow tasty vegetables. I want them to know that you should take good care of trees and I want to teach them to see the beauty in a single flower.

Being close to nature and growing up with green fingers can be hard when you live in a busy metropolis. But we do our best, and accept that sometimes that means making a mess indoors. →

urban_gardening_with_kids_nature_little_kin_journal_1urban_gardening_with_kids_nature_little_kin_journal_6 urban_gardening_with_kids_nature_little_kin_journal_8
Like today, when Alma and I had a day of urban gardening. We finally planted the branches from our little
Christmas calendar tree. We bought the branches when they were bare and dry and had planned to only keep them over Christmas. But during the month of December, they suddenly started to grow roots and tiny green leaves and we decided to try and plant them. →

urban_gardening_with_kids_nature_little_kin_journal_5 urban_gardening_with_kids_nature_little_kin_journal_4 urban_gardening_with_kids_nature_little_kin_journal_2
We also planted a tiny cutting that Alma found in the garden of the house we stayed in during our vacation in Los Angeles.
I like the thought of my daughters having those two plants that are full of memories.
And we planted a pot full of cilantro seeds and one with sweet basil and hopefully the seeds will slowly grow into herbs that the girls can one day taste. →



If you want to read more about my urban gardening with kids project, you can so right here.

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