About time, a new project and something I really dislike

It’s been quiet on the blog for the last few weeks. Not because I didn’t have anything to say or nothing to write about. I have written several blog posts in my mind when I’ve been running around from one thing to the other, they just never made it further than my thoughts. Life with three daughters can be pretty busy, and doesn’t leave much time for sitting in front of my computer.

I had forgotten how much work keeping a fast moving baby away from any kind of danger can actually be. Add the usual chores and the month of Christmas with winter celebrations, Christmas markets, ballet recitals, Saint Lucia celebrations and house preparations and you will end up with not much time to spare. But it’s okay. I would love to write more and be more present on my blog, and hopefully I’ll soon be able to find the extra time, but for now, this is how it is, and I totally accept it.

On top of everything else, I’ve been busy with a new project that I can’t wait to share with you. Without reveling too much, I can say that it’s something I done with this company. Maybe that will give you a hint.

While spending a lot of time in the company of children doesn’t leave you with much extra time to do things, it does leave you with a lot of time to think about little things. Like why I like coffee so much more than the or what little thing in my everyday life that I dislike the most. The coffee /the dilemma I still haven’t solved. I’m drinking a delicious cup of the as I’m writing this, but no matter how good it tastes, it just doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as a well made cup of coffee does.

The little thing I dislike the most, on the other hand, it didn’t take me long to figure out. Making lunch boxes for my two daughters. I know it might sound ridiculous, but having to spend 15 minutes every morning making salami and cheese sandwiches for one, pasta with sauce for another, washing cucumbers, peeling carrots and putting nuts and raisins in little boxes is just not my recipe for a great morning. The one or two times a week I convince them to go for school lunch my mornings seem so much more calm and enjoyable. Up until now, I’ve insisted on making their lunch boxes every morning to keep them as fresh as possible, but I’ve decided that a new year is a good chance to some small changes, and that 2018 means preparing lunch boxes in the evening. And maybe even drink a second cup of tea.

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