Things I want to remember about being a mother to an infant

A list of all the little things I want to remember about becoming a mother to you, my tiny child, my sleepyhead, my calm in the chaos, my two months old, my little baby Evelyn.

– The scent at the back of your baby neck.

– How you always rub your hairy little head against my cheek when I’m holding you close.

– How you stop crying the minute you are in my arms.

– Your smile, that starts on one side of your mouth, moves to the other and ends up as a wink of one eye.

– How even the smallest clothes were way too big for you just two months ago and how now they don’t fit you anymore.

– Your little hamster cheeks that seem to be growing every day and how I feel like squeezing them all the time.

– How I cried when the doctor at the hospital told me that you had to spend your third night away from me (and how much better I felt when I saw how you loved laying in that warm and cozy light box).

– Your little hand that always wraps around my finger when I’m nursing you.

– Your first babbling sounds that are still so calm and gentle.

– How you fall asleep in the same room as your sisters every night, and how full my heart feels when I see all three of you laying there side by side.

– How you always fall asleep when your daddy is carrying you around.

– The warmth of your milky breath when you once again fall asleep on my stomach.

– The little smiles you make when you’re asleep.

– How you like to be warm and tuck yourself close to me and fall asleep when you’re done eating.


  1. tessa March 21, 2017

    what a sweet words about your little Evelyn. and the picture going with this words just melts my heart.

  2. Jessica Large March 28, 2017

    So sweet and tender <3


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