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Though only a month has passed since we had our last snow fall in New York, the temperatures are hitting 30 ºC / 86 ºF and the sun is shining all day. While I turn red faster than most people can say the sun is shining, it turns out that my youngest daughter is allergic to the sun. If she flashes any skin without being covered in sunscreen she will not just turn red, but get a really bad and itchy rash that won’t disappear for days. So we apply sun block, wear sun hats and cover up in light cotton fabrics all day long to avoid ending up looking like cooked lobsters.

Here are a few recommended guidelines regarding sun protection for kids that were recommended to me by a Danish dermatologist specializing in skin cancer.

  • If possible, keep you children out of the sun from 12 pm – 15 am. Otherwise try and stay in the shade as much as possible.
  • Wear white cotton clothes or uv clothes.
  • Use a sunhat with a shade.
  • Apply a sun lotion 30 minutes before going out into the sun
  • Since all sun blocks and lotions contain chemical ingredients that can cause a allergic reaction, do only apply sunblock to the part’s of skin not covered by clothes.
  • Reapply sun lotion every time your child has been in the water.
  • Be generous with the amount. A good rule is to use one hand full of lotion for one person. The number of the factor is only to be trusted if you apply the right amount of sun lotion.
  • Children under the age of 1 should be kept out of the sun at all times.

1. Shirt / Tocoto 2. Kids Sun Lotion / Rudolph Care (my absolute favorite, and the only one that my youngest isn’t allergic to) 3. UV jumpsuit / Petite Crabe 4. UV jumpsuit / Petite Crabe 5. Cotton summer suit / Grey label  6. Sun hat / Oeuf NYC 7. Cotton dress / Pierrot La Lune 8. Sun hat / Atsuyo et Akiko 9. Pocket tee / Grey Label 10. Sunglasses / Sons and Daughters 11. Sun stick / Rudolph Care 12. Hat / Zara 13. Dress / Popup Shop

Soleil-illustration / Nice Mice For You



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