Stroller friendly New York hotspots


• A shortlist of some of my favorite Stroller friendly New York hotspots • 

When we first moved to New York, I somehow felt that bringing my children to museums and other crowded public places could be a bit overwhelming. Chances were, that my youngest would start feeling tired as soon as we had checked in the stroller and I would end up carrying her around a museum for hours.


It took me a while before realizing that there’s a lot of stroller friendly New York hotspots where you can keep your stroller with you at all times. I have had Alma napping in her stroller while I’ve visited Guggenheim and Moma and now that she’s no longer napping, we can bring our easily maneuverable Mutsy-stroller with us anyway, and whenever she gets tired, she’ll crawl up in the stroller and sit there relaxing while looking a paintings and people. →


Here’s a list of some of our preferred stroller friendly New York hotspots:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met)

Strollers are welcome at any time, (no twin strollers or joggers) and the whole museum is easy accessible with elevators. Use the side entrance if you want to avoid all the steps to the main entrance.


Smaller strollers are welcome (no twin strollers or joggers) and at all places in the museum.

The Museum of National History

Strollers are welcome at any time, (no twin strollers or joggers) but to get through the entrance you’ll have to fold down your stroller.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMa)

Strollers are welcome at any time but are not allowed on escalators.

The Whitney Museum 

Strollers are welcome but might be prohibited in some exhibitions due to safety. If you’re a new mum or dad with a baby in the age of 0-18 month and want to go visit The Whitney with a stroller check out their stroller tours which take place after hours and even welcome screaming babies.

The Highline

It can be really crowded and if you have a child who likes to run fast, a stroller can be very helpful.



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