Spring dresses for little girls


• A selection of Spring dresses for little girls from our favorite children’s brands  

I sometimes feel that both my daughters are growing so fast, that they seem taller when I pick them up in the afternoon than they did when I dropped them off in the morning.

I now longer have to bend down to kiss Eleanor’s head, and even though Alma is still a toddler, she seems more and more like a little girl for each day that passes by. As a result of this constant growth spurt it is once again time to renew the girls’ wardrobe. Sleeves and skirts are once again getting too short. And since both girls prefer to wear dresses almost every day ( I can be sure that hell will break loose if I suggest Eleanor to wear pants  at school ), I have been on a hunt for a small selection of Spring dresses for little girls from our favorite children’s brands.

1. Dress / Émilie et Ida 2. Organic cotton dress / Pop Up Shop 3. Cotton dress / Boy plus Girl 4. Grey Pinafore dress / Mabo kids 5. Light pink dress / Soor Ploom (available 21st of March) 6. Liberty flower print dress / Christina Rohde 7. Cotton dress / Grey Label 8. Dress with tassels / Louise Misha 9. Striped dress / As We Grow



1. Blush colored dress / MarMar 2. Yellow Vintage inspired dress / Louise Misha 3. Double breasted black dress / Wolf and Rita 4. Three printed dress / Poppy Rose 5. 1991 dress / Christina Rohde 6. Birds dress / Motoreta 7. Yellow dress / Nico Nico

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  1. Audrey Kinley May 25, 2016

    All these dresses are absolutely adorable. My favorite is the middle yellow one, it just has a nice look to it. My niece loves clothes. If I bought her one of these dresses, she’d probably freak out.


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