Rainy day and indoor activities


• A small list of fun indoor activities to do with your kids •

The simple luxury of staying inside a whole Sunday, while the rain is beating on your window and the storm is shaking the trees. Those bittersweet moments of complete quietness when not a sound can be heard from the children’s room, and you now you should really enjoy it because in a few minutes someone will yell out Mama for the 50th time that day, a fight will begin or at least one of them will be hungry, thirsty or have to use the bathroom.

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As much as I love being outside, I have always loved a Sunday spent indoors when the weather is really bad outside. But with two active kids it’s not always the easiest solution. We all love to watch movies, read books, play with lego and make puzzles, but adding a few new things to do, is a certain way to success. I try to come up with small games, like matching their beloved plastic animals with the pictures in their new animal atlas, and even though it’s simple the excitement is big when plastic penguin meets book penguin.

Here’s a small list with a few suggestions of fun indoor activities to do on a rainy Sunday:

Treasure hunt
One of my girls’ favorite things. I draw a simple map, hide a small treasure, and they pretend to be pirates and then try and figure out my map and find the treasure.

Touch and feel box
This is one we still haven’t tried, but I’m sure it will be a hit. All it takes is cardboard box, a scarf and a few different things that you can put in the box. Let the children feel the the thing in the box without looking (this is why you need to put the scarf over the box opening) and then let them guess what they felt.

rainy_day_sunday_indoor_activities_little_kin_journal_3 rainy_day_sunday_indoor_activities_little_kin_journal_2
a glass of beads and some string will keep my girls busy for hours producing bracelets and necklaces.

Bowling in the hallway
5 empty bottles placed in the end of a hallway and a small ball will make a brilliant game of bowling.

Freeze dance
To prevent my children go crazy when we stay inside, making sure they get to move around a bit is essential. We’ll put on their favorite music and have them dance around, and if that isn’t enough we’ll add the stop-the-music-and-freeze factor.

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