Quiet mornings, calm days

Some Saturday mornings are quiet and has hardly any words. A simple meal served and cups of coffee drunk in silence.  Baby toys scattered over the living room floor, because no one had the energy to pick them up after the baby went down for her first nap. The older kids doing their own thing, in their own time, in their own room. Because sometimes parents need time to figure out their own stuff, listen to their thoughts and drink their coffee without little voices interrupting.

Some Saturdays start out as quiet mornings with hardly any words and turn into calm days with a trip to a favorite fall destination, a short boat ride, a quick stop at the playground and an early movie night. That was what our last Saturday was like. To say it was a perfect day, would be a lie. But it was a Saturday as they sometimes are, with little moments of happiness and joy, an extra hug from a little warm body, excited eyes discovering new things and small feet tired from a day of adventuring.

Should you ever find yourself in New York with some extra time on your hand and too many thoughts in your head, then go visit this place. In this sea of busy living and people running faster than their feet can carry, a little wind in the face and streets with no cars can’t fail to feel a little calming.



  1. Laura short October 5, 2017

    Beautiful pictures as always, dear kathrine. Especially in love with that last one. Lovely words too. Recognisable and true to life.

  2. Viktoriya November 20, 2017



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