Our favorite children’s books right now


• Some of our favorite children’s books right now • 

With a fresh cup of warm coffee, plenty of snacks and a warm blanket within reach, we enjoy spending hours and hours reading through our favorite children’s books. Me reading for both of my girls, them reading by themselves, or what I like most of all, Eleanor reading for Alma.

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Going off line


• A list of things that help me be off line • 
A few months back, a friend of mine posted a drawing on Instagram which her daughter had been asked make in school of her family doing their favorite things. The girl had drawn her dad with a football, her brother running around and playing with his friends and herself sitting with all her dolls. Her mum was standing in the background looking at her phone.
Right away I decided that a similar picture would never be drawn by any of my daughters.

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Seeking silence as a mother


• A bit about seeking silence when your life is full of  noise • 

I have always been a big fan of silence. The non existing sounds of lives lived around me, the monotonous noise from waves on the beach, the sounds you hear when you lay still in the grass on a warm summer day, or taking a walk on a snowy Sunday morning. Being in my zone without letting anyone disturb. After almost 7 years of motherhood you can easily forget to take notice of the silent moments, because nothing is hardly ever silent when you spend most of your time with two talkative girls and an energetic husband. There’s the constant requests for food, a toy or help to go to the toilet. An argument that has to be stopped. The loud noise from two girls playing. The many daily chores that need to be done. A little person who falls and hits her knee. A temper tantrum that started because of unknown reasons. Being a mother is a challenge bigger than any other and seeking some of that unfamiliar silence is sometimes the only thing I feel can keep me sane.

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What we love right now


• A small list of all the things we love right now • 

Slow mornings, a hot cup of coffee and a walk through our neighborhood. It’s all the small things coming together. Not that I couldn’t make a list of all the things I hate right now, but I try and focus on the positive side. That’s why making list of all the things we love right now, always gets me in a good mood.

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Daddy’s girl


• About being a mother to a daddy’s girl • 

I can still remember when I first realized that Eleanor was turning into a daddy’s girl.
Alma was just a few weeks old, and Eleanor was three and a bit. Every time I was nursing Alma,  Eleanor would sit next to me hiding under a blanket while silently crying over the loss of her position as an only child.


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Tidying up the children’s room


• A few thoughts on the struggles of tidying up the children’s room • 

Though we might live with less possesions than we did before our big move, this doesn’t seem to apply to the my daughters’ toy and book collection. Even though they’re good at a lot of things, tidying up isn’t one of them. There are evenings where I’ll have to navigate through Elsa-dolls, 20 teddies, half a tea-party and 200 small pieces of lego just so I can say goodnight to my girls in their bed. And days where I find them both sitting & playing on their couch because they made such a mess on the floor that there’s no space left for them to play.

Rainy day and indoor activities


• A small list of fun indoor activities to do with your kids •

The simple luxury of staying inside a whole Sunday, while the rain is beating on your window and the storm is shaking the trees. Those bittersweet moments of complete quietness when not a sound can be heard from the children’s room, and you now you should really enjoy it because in a few minutes someone will yell out Mama for the 50th time that day, a fight will begin or at least one of them will be hungry, thirsty or have to use the bathroom.

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Getting back to the rutines and positiv morning rituals

positiv_morning_rituals_little_kin_journal• A  bit about my attempt of making some positive morning rituals •

Friday morning, and the first week of being back to everyday life and morning routines is almost over. The two weeks of vacation really slowed us down and getting back into days with a bit more hustle and bustle and many more plans hasn’t exactly been easy. Despite sleeping for 12 hours every night my daughters still feel tired when we walk to school in the morning, and yesterday was the first time my eldest was late during her whole time as a 1st grader.
Where the end of 2015 was full of energy for my youngest, 2016 has put her in a state of hibernation. Staying in bed, hiding under the blankets and being cozy on the couch seem to be her thing these days where the temperature is hitting way below zero, and just talking her into going to the playground seems like hard work.

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My new year resolutions


• A list of all my little new year resolutions • 

Yesterday I bought a new woolen coat. It’s not the pratical I-could-cross-the-northpole-and-sit-3-hours-on-a-bench-at-the-playground-in-minus-degrees-and-stil-not-be-cold kind of parka that I was planning to buy, but it is more or less everything else. Classic design, great materials, a beautiful color (not black, which is a huge deal to me), from one of my preferred brands (my wardrobe only consists of about 5 different brands) and on sale which didn’t exactly make it cheap but at least made it possible for me to buy it.  It was also the first piece of clothing I have bought for myself in about 6 month and I know it will be a part of my wardrobe for many years to come. And since buying lesser things in better quality and in a classic and long-lasting design is one of my new year resolutions for 2016 I quickly convinced myself that this was a good decision.

I’m normally not the kind of person who will come up with a lot of new year resolutions, but for some reason I have a whole list this year. Nothing big, just small things I really want to do or not do in the upcoming year. And since a few of them are very easy to bring into your everyday life I thought I would share them here with you. Who knows, maybe some of you will be inspired.

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A sales shopping guide to my favorite conscious finds


• A sales shopping guide to my favorite conscious finds •

I see myself as a pretty conscious consumer. Working in the fashion industry for more than 10 years gave me some knowledge of how clothes are being produced. I try to support small businesses, I choose organic if the option is there, and I’m okay with buying less but better, if this means good quality and a longer life for my purchases. I don’t do a whole lot of high street shopping, but like most mothers, I’ll go there to buy cheap stockings, T-shirts and maybe a dress or a pair of pants.

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