Creating a Halloween costume


We moved to New York on the night before Halloween, from a country who, at that time, didn’t celebrate Halloween with more than a single pumpkin in the window. In the beginning I stuck to my resilient thoughts and chose to see this special American holiday as yet another commercial day made special by the retail industry in another attempt to make more money. But then I participated in the amazing celebrations

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togetherness & organic modeling clay


There are things that I love doing with my daughters ( like going on a picnic on a beautiful fall day), things that I’ll do, because I know it makes them happy ( like going to the cinema to see Smurfs or My Little Pony) and things that I really hate and would do almost anything to get out of ( Like playing with Barbie).

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Morning routines


I know, before I even open my eyes. I hear her little noises, so different from the ones that she makes when she’s just moving around in her sleep. Her excitement, when she realizes, that I’m slowly waking up as well. I’m not sure when I lifted her up in our bed, but here she is, right next to me, crawling onto my chest and giving me big wet kisses on my cheeks, lips and chin. It’s her favorite thing these days. Kissing. Big wet kisses that she makes by putting her open mouth against my face and then breathes out. I know of nothing sweeter than her morning breath in my face, the drool I could do without though. But who cares. I didn’t even get to take my mascara of last night.

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Quiet mornings, calm days

Some Saturday mornings are quiet and has hardly any words. A simple meal served and cups of coffee drunk in silence.  Baby toys scattered over the living room floor, because no one had the energy to pick them up after the baby went down for her first nap. The older kids doing their own thing, in their own time, in their own room. Because sometimes parents need time to figure out their own stuff, listen to their thoughts and drink their coffee without little voices interrupting.

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My little New York city guide


No matter where in the world you move to, after a while, living there will turn into everyday life. You and your family will find your own routines. You will walk the same streets, go to the same shops, pick up coffee at your favorite coffee bar and sit on the same bench in the park while your kids are playing at the same playground. And that I love. I have always been a big fan of everyday life, of my own little routines. But I also love being reminded of what an amazing city we live in, and that is exactly what happened when Alex and Alexa asked me to share a few of my favorite New York spots.

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What we eat, read, wear, dream about and listen to right now

Last night, walking home from my eldest daughter’s ballet class, we felt the hurricane Jose passing by 250 miles away. The air was still hot and humid and while light rain fell on our bare arms, the wild wind blew golden leaves all around us. Fall has arrived to New York, and though it’s still too warm to wear wooly jumpers, I can’t wait for my favorite season to slowly unfold in front of me.

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About parenthood and Patti Smith

I wanted to begin this text with a quote. With some wise words from an inspiring woman, who I earlier this week, was lucky enough to spend an evening in the company of. I started looking through her books. The new one, and old one, my favorite one. There were just too many. Too many things said and done, too many wise thoughts written down in her little notebook, too many sentences that reflected how I feel right now.

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Fall feelings and bitty bonnets


Yesterday morning as I stepped out on our stoop, I felt it. I guess, I didn’t noticed it before, busy as I was with other things. That crispness in the air, the cold breeze blowing in my face, telling me, that changes are coming. There are leafs laying on the ground now, in the most beautiful fall tones and I take notice of all the little nuances, as I walk down our street with my baby girl strapped to my stomach, to the little café, to buy croissants and coffee. Hot coffee for me and croissants with chocolate for her sisters. She’s still not asking for anything else than what’s under my shirt, a taste of porridge and some mashed vegetables now and then.

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