Our future is female


Inside my belly is a little girl growing. She will be my third daughter, the last part of my own little trilogy of sisters. I’ve known about the sex since really early in my pregnancy. Both because I somehow always felt that having a boy just wasn’t and option and because of a blood test that gave me the option of finding out.

In the beginning I was thrilled telling friends, family and people who would show interest in our growing family. But while my closets family and friends seemed to share my happiness, most of the times the expected reactions just never showed.

Instead I have been met with comments like “oh no, your poor husband”oh my, really” and “vauw, good luck with that” to a few “as long as the baby is healthy, right,” a doctor telling me if I knew, that I could blame my husband for not giving me a boy and a lot of looks indirectly telling me that even though I’m trying to convince myself that I’m happy with a third daughter they know better.

The thing is though, I really am happy about it, and I never did wish for anything else. I know, I might miss out of something and that I’ll never experience that special mother & son bond that so many women talk about. But I’m honestly fine with that. Not that I wouldn’t have loved a son just as much as a daughter, but it was just never anything I hoped for.

Maybe it’s because girls were always outnumbered in our family. Or maybe it’s because I’ve always been jealous of those of my friends who had sisters.  Who calls each other almost every day, who spends vacations and holidays together, who end up becoming mothers at the same time and who always have their sister to turn too.

For me it’s not really a sex thing. It’s not about being able to dress up my daughter in cute dresses and little shoes and make pretty pony tails in her hair. With two girls I know, I’ve had my fair share of that. It’s a feeling I have deep inside of me, telling me that the little baby sister who will soon become part our life, is that little person who will complete our family and my journey into motherhood. And that it couldn’t have been any different or any better than this. Our future is female and that’s how it is supposed to be.

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  1. Alessandra November 9, 2016

    exactly, how beautiful to have three daughters. You are not missing anything, and your husband is lucky and of course you know all of this. It is just crazy what people can say to others like you whilst playing the ‘frankness’ card. congratulations on this journey!

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