On the move

We’re spending our summer away from home. Summer in New York has never been my thing; too hot, too humid, too many tourists in town and too many friends out of town.

So as soon as the kids finish school, we pack our suitcases and head to Europe. Where cousins and grandmothers are waiting with stretched-out arms, hundreds of kisses, cooked meals and hours and hours of play. 

When you normally don’t have any family nearby and do everything yourself without any kind of help, being surrounded by helping hands and loving hearts can sometimes be a tiny bit overwhelming. Nice, lovingly and very appreciated for sure, but also a tiny bit overwhelming. So I’m trying to soak it up bit by bit, remember that this is exactly what I miss when we’re back in New York where I never have the chance to skip cooking a single meal or not be the one responding when my daughters call. I take walks with my tiny Evy in her cousin’s pink stroller, visit the local pub with her where we share a glass of rosé (her playing with the glass while I drink the wine ) all while my mother-in-law spends time with my two older daughters who all love every single minute of it.

It’s our last day in my in-laws house in West London and tomorrow morning my girls and I will be on a plane on our way to Denmark. I’m finally going to see my own family and friends, most of whom I haven’t seen for a whole year. Way too long to be away from your people. It’s my first time flying alone with all three kids. Wish me luck.

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