I gave birth to my baby in the middle of Manhattan, in a room with a view over the rooftops of New York City. When I brought her home with me to our Brooklyn apartment where her sisters were waiting, I promised myself that we would wander and discover this amazing city together. Me, a Danish citizen, who has lived with my Danish/English family for the last three years in New York, and her, an American citizen, born from European parents, who has never lived anywhere else.

And so we did. Together we’ve visited museums, cafés, restaurants and shops. We’ve discovered a great number of very baby friendly hotspots, in a city that most people consider not being baby-friendly at all. We’ve met smiles and helpful people and had hundreds of nice comments and curious questions.

In the time I lived in this big city with small kids, I’ve realized that a city can easily be kids friendly, even though it’s big and full of people. If you find the right places, you can easily discover the interesting and cool New York even with a baby on your arm. This is why I’m so happy to have had the chance to create this baby friendly guide to New York City together with Pathport and one of my favorite children’s shops in New York, Merci Bisous. Simply download the guide to your phone, save it into I-books and have it handy when experiencing this amazing city of mine.

You can buy the guide right here.