New York Flower Market and a little bit about one-on-one time

• A visit to the New York flower market, and a bit about one on one time • 
With her well articulated language, her height, that is closer to a 9-year-old than one who is not even seven yet, her ability to sit down and read a book with out me helping or interfering, her eagerness to discuss anything I ask her and with her asking me “Mama, do you know who Justin Bieber is?” Which she did some day after a play date at a friends house, I sometimes forget that she’s still my little 6-year-old. That she still likes to hold hands, sit on my lap, listen to good night stories, ask questions about tooth fairies, and more than anything, get my undivided attention. 

While I’m lucky to spend as much time as I do with my youngest daughter, one on one time with my eldest isn’t what we manage to enjoy too often. In an attempt to change that around, just the two of us recently enjoyed a day in the city, and before we got around to buying a carnival costume and drinking tea in the afternoon, we visited the New York flower market.
Between sidewalks lined with walls of green flora and pretty little orange trees, halls full of roses, tulips, lavender, mini-jungles and staircases full of hydrangeas, we walked around hand in hand, sniffed flowers until our noses got so full of pollen and we started sneezing, picked out a few favorites to bring home and talked about how nice it is to sometimes just be the two of us.
If you should ever end up around west 28th street without anything to do, go visit this little green space that first opened back in 1890, and sadly gets smaller every year.
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