My little New York city guide


No matter where in the world you move to, after a while, living there will turn into everyday life. You and your family will find your own routines. You will walk the same streets, go to the same shops, pick up coffee at your favorite coffee bar and sit on the same bench in the park while your kids are playing at the same playground. And that I love. I have always been a big fan of everyday life, of my own little routines. But I also love being reminded of what an amazing city we live in, and that is exactly what happened when Alex and Alexa asked me to share a few of my favorite New York spots.

If you’re looking for suggestions for an upcoming trip to The Big Apple, are in search of travel inspiration or just feel curious about some of my favorite places you can read my little guide to the big city right here.


All clothes from Alex and Alexa.

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