The perfect Los Angeles vacation house


• A bit about a Los Angeles vacation house • 
When you grow up surrounded by Danish design, minimalistic houses and white walls, it’s almost impossible to not develop some kind of love for this type of living. My childhood home was designed by my dad, who’s an architect, and was full of classic design furniture. Each year our summer vacations would include visits to famous building, museums and churches all around the world.

L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_4 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_5 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_15
I still love the Nordic design aesthetic, the clean lines, bright colors and simple decor, but what I find even more appealing, is the ability to mix minimalism with personality and quirkiness. To me, it’s those small details that make a house unique and interesting.
Last week, my family and I spent a week of vacation in Los Angeles, and instead of renting a nice apartment close to the sea or in the city, which is the more common and easier thing to do, we chose to stay in a small modernist cabin made out of wood, situated inTopanga Canyon, a 15 minute mountain drive from the sea.
L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_16 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_11 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_10 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_8 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_7
I’m sure we could have found a bigger place, with two bedrooms instead of just one, but from the first time we entered the spacious living room / kitchen area, all four of us instantly fell in love with our little vacation home. The little Buddha sitting on a built-in shelf on the wall, the tiny humming birds in the garden, the coyotes howling at night-time, the stuffed fox on the wall, the olive and oak trees growing along the little path in the garden, the concrete floors, the mountain view, the wooden panels, large glass patio doors, huge cactuses and the horses living next door. No doubt we’ll be staying here again next time we visit this crazy, amazing city.


L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_15 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_4 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_15 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_9 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_20 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_1 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_3 L_Angeles_Topanga_house_little_kin_journal_14


  1. maria franck February 26, 2016

    det ser perfekt ud. Håber I havde en dejlig tur

  2. February 28, 2016

    Det var så dejligt søde Maria! håber I har det godt.

  3. tessa March 25, 2016

    what a perfect house! I could live in a space like this, so beautiful.
    love the family moments here.

  4. Suzette Kealen October 12, 2016


    I am a producer for photo shoots and am interested in renting this house for an upcoming shoot. Would you mind sending me the contact information for the house?

    Your pictures are beautiful!

    • October 16, 2016

      Hi Suzette,
      The house is situated in Topanga, Los Angeles and we found it on Air B’n’B. I don’t have the contact, but I’m sure you can find it pretty easily.

      • Suzette October 16, 2016

        I did end up finding it thank you for responing!

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