I am your sun and moon

In the middle of your nap, you used to call me. Not that you could say any words or knew my name, after all you were only a few months old. But your small complaining sounds told me that you needed me.

 Sometimes my voice could ease you back to sleep, other times you demanded to lay in my arms for a few minutes. As soon as you sensed my warmth you would find your own way back to sleep. I was your moon and sun and just by being there, I could calm any uncertainty in your tiny body. Maybe that's why I often ended up not putting you back in your crib. Experience has taught me that having a sleeping baby in my arms, is a moment worth holding onto. Sooner than I wish, you will feel safe in someone else's arms than in mine and you will find suns and moons of your own and one day they will become the center of your world. 

This week you turned 6 months old and now you hardly ever need me when you sleep. I enjoy having more time to your sisters, myself and for hot coffee and I try to ignore that the growing naps and long quiet nights are synonymous with your growing independence. I try to ignore that soon your world will grow bigger than me. I hold onto the way you look at me when I'm nursing you and I smile an invisible smile when you are unhappy in other peoples' arms but happy as soon as you're back in mine. 

For a little while longer I'm your sun and moon and you are forever mine.

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  1. Athina July 23, 2017

    It’s a sweet, sweet text to read while I have my 3 months year old baby girl sleeping in my arms. I guess I could have already put her in her crib as she is sleeping peacefully but I suppose I love being her sun and moon and…


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