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• About Fashion Revolution day and my my favorite selection of ethically produced children’s clothes  •

Because people shouldn’t suffer, live in poverty or even die  producing cheap clothes for us or our children, Fashion Revolution was started to raise awareness of the true cost of a cheap fashion production.

Exactly three years ago, on 24 April 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when a clothing fabric called the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. That’s why people all over the world join the Fashion Revolution and use this day to focus on creating a clothing industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

Here is my favorite selection of ethically produced children’s clothes. All beautiful investment pieces, that your child can wear until he or she outgrows and which can then be passed down to siblings or friends or resold.

1 Shirt / Pierrot La Lune 2. T-stra shoes / Mabo Kids 3. Gingham linen dress / Mabo kids 4. Dress / Soor Ploom 5. Overall / As We Grow


6. Dress / Soor Ploom



7. Lavender linen dress / Sonde Flor 8. Collar / Liilu 9. Romper / Soor Ploom 10. Sleeveless blouse / Liilu 11. Grey dress with collar / Fondly 12. striped dress / Willaby



13. Summer bonnet / Briar handmade 14. Bubble shorts / Shirley Bredal 15. Bunny cape / Tortoise and the Hare Clothing 16. Linen overalls / Tortoise and the Hare Clothing 17. Sandals / Zimmermanshoes

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  1. Avital April 25, 2016

    I really appreciate this post. My mother shopped this way for my brothers, myself and my sister, looking back I see how unique it was that we wore clothes with meaning behind it. I am currently trying to slowly make the switch for my two young girls, 3 yrs old and 5 months, to clothes that are more investment pieces. It is hard though!!! It takes my mind and my budget time to adjust to buying less clothes and each item costing more. But the price reflects the actual cost and that really does matter. Also doing this with regards to toys, room decor etc…I guess I’m trying to say that I’m looking forward to this as a lovely challenge but also being honest that it’s more of an adjustment than I thought it would be!
    Thank you for all the links, the clothes are really beautiful. And thanks for the inspiration as well.


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