Earth day and wanderlust


• A bit about the wanderlust I feel every spring and a picture from our earth day flower journal •

Every year when we reach spring and especially around earth day, I’m hit by a severe case of wanderlust.

I don’t know if it’s the warmer weather, the happiness of having survived yet another dark winter, or that I see nature blossoming all around me that causes this urge to go and explore the unknown, but I do know that my wanderlust doesn’t disappear before I do something about it. And that’s why I feel like sharing this small list of ways I use to cure my little lust for wandering.

– Read books about foreign places, even imaginary ones.

– Visit or re-visit places in your home-town where you haven’t been for a long time.

– Take a stroll through some of the most popular wanderlust tags on Instagram like #stayandwander and #mytinyatlas and #exploreeverything .

– Sometimes going on a creative journey and engaging in a new way of creating can give you just as much inspiration as leaving your home.

– Invite guests to visit have good stories to share about far away places.

– Dig a bit deeper. Maybe your own neighborhood has great places you haven’t even visited yet?

– Fill your apartment with exotic plants and flowers. A new scent or or a new color can change things around.

– Go on a day trip out of town. 8 hours of wandering around in a forest, on a beach or in a tiny village can sometimes feel longer than going on a weeklong vacation.

– Book a ticket for a journey far in advance, and spend the next few months dreaming about your trip.

– Tell your children about journeys you made when you were younger or places you dream about visiting or even better show them your old pictures of you tracking in the Himalayas and petting a llama in Peru and make them long for seeing and experiencing the world themselves.

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