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When I was a child, my grandfather used to manufacture high quality socks. All production was handled at his own factory in Denmark. When he sold his company I was in my early teens, and up until then I had never needed to buy a pair of socks. I am fond of socks that are of a good quality and have beautiful details… I love when a sock is more than just a sock.

When it comes to my own taste, I prefer understated and discreet with small and delicate details like tiny polka dots, a touch of glitter, a nice seam or a special weave. But when it comes to my daughters I love cute socks with a more significant look that accompanies a simple outfit. The latest addition to their sock collection are some amazing fox socks that I found at the cute english webshop Lublue. My daughters absolutely love them (little A even insisted wearing them in 30 degrees heat)

Here’s a small selection of some of my favourite cute socks at the moment:

1. Fox / Mini Dressing 2. Panda / Mini Dressing 3. Mermaid / Wovenplay 4. Fox / Mini Dressing 5. Bunny / Mini Dressing 6. Snake Sock / Mini Dressing 7. Stripes / Bobo Choses 8. Thunder and lightning / Bebe de Pino 9. Glitter / April Showers 10. Mask / Bebe de Pino 11. Panda & marble / Popupshop 12. Panda & marble / Popupshop

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    Bimba grandina bellllllllllllaaaa


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