Dreaming of…hibernating


After a week of frozen streets, arctic winds and temperatures so low that I’m sure my feet are left with permanent damage, followed by a Friday with rain and an ill and teething baby, all I want to do is stay inside and spend as much time as possible on the couch hibernating under a blanket with my littlest one. And I wouldn’t mind these things to keep me warm and cozy.

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Dreaming of a countryside getaway


While the leaves are slowly turning red all over New York, autumn always have me dreaming of a countryside getaway. When we still lived in Denmark we would escape to our tiny summerhouse, but since moving to New York a rented cottage Upstate will have to do the trick.
Until that happens, I’ll be dreaming about these pretty things for girls and boys, babies and mummies, that all would fit perfectly into my imaginary get-a-way suitcase.

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