What we wear, watch, play, eat, dream about and listen to right now


After 10 days of vacation and an extra day off because of a huge snow fall in New York, we’re finally getting back to our everyday routines. Though I love spending time with all of my three daughters at the same time, I also enjoy getting back to normal with a bit more time to write and work. That being said, sitting down in front of a computer with an almost one year old seem like a bit of a struggle. But we find our own ways and she loves to make a mess around the apartment and empty out every closet we have while I try just to write a single sentence or two at the time.

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What we eat, read, wear, dream about and listen to right now

Last night, walking home from my eldest daughter’s ballet class, we felt the hurricane Jose passing by 250 miles away. The air was still hot and humid and while light rain fell on our bare arms, the wild wind blew golden leaves all around us. Fall has arrived to New York, and though it’s still too warm to wear wooly jumpers, I can’t wait for my favorite season to slowly unfold in front of me.

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My week in little details

A few things that made me feel a little bit happier and a little less impatient this  week.

This new and very simple design on our little Christmas calendar of good moments, that I finally got around to finish.


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My week in little details

A few things that made me feel a little bit happier and stand still for a little bit longer this week.

Looking at simple lines and geometric shapes at this exhibition.my_week_in_details_Agnes_martin_guggenheim


The wind making small ripples in a puddle.my_week_in_details_1d_puddle


This huge bunch of eucalyptus leaves, that gives our apartment the smell of a crisp autumn morning.my_week_in_details_1c


Hot chocolate and hot coffee in the autumn sun.my_week_in_details_1b_coffee


This gift of the cutest little bows for my daughter’s hair.my_week_in_details_free_babes_handmade