Autumn wardrobe for kids

autumn_wardrobe_for_kids_little_kin_journal_1· My version of a comfortable and practical autumn wardrobe for kids ·

Yesterday both my girls started school after a long and wonderful summer holiday, and even though temperatures are still high, we are slowly getting our minds set on autumn. The first yellow leaves have already started falling on our street, and before we know it summer will officially be over.

It’s not even 2 weeks ago that we returned from 2 month of traveling, which of course meant a lot of unpacking. Both my children has grown a lot over the summer, so instead of just putting their clothes back in their closet, I used the opportunity  to go through their wardrobe, get rid of a lot of stuff and do a bit of updating to a cozy autumn wardrobe.

When updating my girls’ wardrobe, I always try to find practical and comfortable clothes that I know will be popular with my them as well and that will cause as little a conflict on busy school mornings as possible. By experience I’ve learned that what works best for us, is to have a small selection of dresses, skirt and tops that are allowed to be worn on any occasion and that my girls can choose from themselves. Pants are no-go with both of them, and after too many discussions on the subject I’ve decided to stop buying them.

So here’s my small selection for a great and comfortable Autumn wardrobe for kids, and yes there’s something for the boys too.

autumn_wardrobe_for_kids_little_kin_journal_ryleeandcru_christinarohde_freebabeshandmade_11. Gingham dress / Zara  2. Vest / Rylee & Cru  3. Skirt / Christina Rohde  4. Bow / Free Babes Handmade  5. Shoes / Young Soles  6. Ruffle shirt / Little Creative Factory  7. Blouse With Buttoms / Yellow Pelota  8. Vest / Yellow Pelota  9. Dress with ruffles / Tocoto Vintage


10. Top / Poudre organic  11. Blouse / Emilié et Ida  12. Liberty dress / Poppy Rose  13. Scarf / Minimalisma  14. Cardigan / Esencia  15. Knitted skirt / Fub  16. Gingham dress / Zara  17. Boots / Aigle  18. thights / Tiny Cottons  19. Stripy dress / Little Creative Factory


20. Longsleeved T-shirt / Marmar Copenhagen  21. Rust ankle socks / Caramel  22.  Crown / Oeuf New York  23. Sweatshirt / Emilié et Ida  24. Raincoat / Cos  25. Jumpsuit / Nico Nico  26. Checked shirt / Caramel  27. Boots / Angulus  28. Knit / Fub  29. Overalls / Ouef New York


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