Autumn in Central Park

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I love the nostalgic feeling that always sneaks up on me when autumn starts knocking on my door. It makes me dwell in old memories and think back on days and years gone by. Like today, when I realized that I’ve been married for more than six and a half years, and I remembered how I used to think that any adult older than 35 was half dead all ready. I’m 37 and I feel quiet alive. I also remembered how my husband, my eldest daughter and I visited New York exactly four years ago, while we were still living in Copenhagen. We borrowed a crazy apartment on the 15th floor of some modern building that had panorama windows overlooking Central Park, and every morning my daughter and I would get up really early and go sit in the window and look down at all the beautiful golden colors. While we were staying there my husband and I decided that we wanted another child and 9 month later my youngest daughter was born.

Today is a day of remembrance in this country, and maybe it has rubbed of on me a bit. Central Park holds a lot of great memories for me and my children, and so this was where we decided to spend this day off school. In a sea of golden colors and huge piles of leaves, we had our last picnic of the year, took a final ride on the carousel and spent hours making a beautiful leaf collection. Right now 20 small fingers all covered in glue are transforming all the leaves into a little piece of art and a small herbarium.

Soon the kids will be asleep, and I’ll spend the rest of the evening working on my two new creative projects that I one day hope to be able to share with you. I’ll drink some tea, do some research and listen to the wind chimes that are hanging outside our window that I have come to love so much.

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